Distressed Property Expert, Gayle Henderson, of RE/MAX Excalibur in Scottsdale, Arizona insists that foreclosure is not the answer to the current home ownership crisis looming throughout Maricopa and Pinal Counties.
Gayle Henderson, a RE/MAX Hall of Fame and RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, RE/MAX International Top 100 in the United States 2007, completed her CDPE (Distressed Property Expert) certification in Orlando, Florida 2008.  Henderson views her CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert) designation and her commitment to help financially distressed homeowners, as both a responsibility and an obligation to her profession. Her focus with homeowners facing foreclosure is to give them the hope of a dignified solution to their financial crisis through helping them stay in their home or guiding them through a short sale (a lender-approved sale at less than the outstanding loan balance).
With her fifteen years of real estate experience, her commitment to education, strong marketing, systems development, and checklists, combined with her knowledge of the pre-foreclosure process, have given her clients an advantage in this current epidemic of foreclosures.
“Not having a clear understanding of the elements and consequences of foreclosure lead many homeowners to just give up,” said Henderson.  “And believe me there is a huge difference in life after foreclosure as opposed to life without foreclosure. We may not be able to save every house, but we can offer the saving hand to every financially distressed homeowner.” 
For a confidential phone interview regarding your real estate questions, contact Gayle Henderson at 602-850-4335 or  Gayle@AZAvoidForeclosureNow.com


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