Posted by: gaylehendersoncdpe | November 11, 2009

Local Real Estate Agent Recognized as Arizona’s Distressed Properties Leader

Founder of the CDPE Designation recognizes efforts to help local homeowners and real estate agents with short sales education.

Scottsdale, Arizona (November 9, 2009) Gayle Henderson, local REALTOR® with RE/MAX Excalibur, received recognition as a leader and pioneer in Arizona’s distressed property market by Alex Charfen, co-founder and CEO of the Distressed Property Institute, LLC. A CDPE-designated agent since October 2008, Henderson was praised for her use of the knowledge gained during her training and her more than 15 years of experience in real estate to help homeowners and agents in the greater-Phoenix area.

 “Gayle Henderson put personal achievement aside and focused on making a greater impact on the communities she serves,” said Charfen. “Enlisting the support of local and national networks, Gayle brought the CDPE Designation Courses to Arizona to train more agents how to help homeowners. Her selfless and tireless devotion to the success of her communities and peers has reached far beyond her immediate market.”

Charfen also pointed to how the dream of one person can become a movement. Due to Henderson’s efforts, in cooperation with her broker owner Howard Lein, RE/MAX International soon endorsed the CDPE Designation. As a result, RE/MAX rolled out these courses in across the United States to change the way their agents approach the current real estate market – effectively, to emulate the success seen in Arizona.

“The CDPE training was a turning point in my career,” said Henderson. “I had carefully monitored the declining real estate values in our communities since the end of 2007, and knew I needed to redouble my efforts to meet the changing needs of my clients. Immediately, I dedicated myself to serving the mounting numbers of distressed homeowners.”

Arizona witnessed short sales grow from 2 percent of September 2008 closings to 21 percent a year later. Meanwhile, through this increase, some CDPE’s saw up to 85% of their short sales successfully closed, often in record time.

Henderson continues to campaign fellow REALTORS to take action on behalf of their communities and learn how to effectively help homeowners facing financial distress. It is her belief that the CDPE is the key to stabilizing the housing market through proven methods, while maintaining the highest moral compass.

“A successful short sale,” she said, “is the most dignified solution to a homeowner’s financial crisis.”

Through Henderson’s initiative, the CDPE has become a strong movement to help homeowners in Arizona, growing into one of the largest market for CDPE-trained REALTORS in the country – now well in excess of 1,000 and growing monthly.


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