Posted by: gaylehendersoncdpe | September 8, 2009

Phoenix Homeowners Facing Foreclosure

Just announced on this morning’s local news, Phoenix Homeowner’s with Wells Fargo loans are invited to a three day public seminar on loan modifications at the Phoenix Convention Center, beginning today.  To sign up, on line, go to and click on links.  As a CDPE, Certified Distressed Property Expert,  we support efforts of the lenders and of local state and city not for profit organizations assisting home owners to find ways to financially adjust their payments in order to stay in their homes.  We believe this is a very important first step in avoiding foreclosure.  Don’t Let Time Run Out.  Get proactive as soon as you know that you have an impending financial crisis on the horizon.  If you feel, that the loan modification process is not the answer for you, please contact us, so we can discuss the short sale option.  Our commitment to you is to make sure that together, we make every effort to avoid  foreclosure and the many devastating impacts that accompany it.


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